Dr. Marcelle Gallen
Chief of Dentistry

Great dental health is imperative to keeping up a tall, pain-free quality of life. Sound teeth and gums and a solid mouth contribute altogether to your in general well-being. The stepsto avoiding dental wellbeing issues are reasonably basic and clear, be that as it may they require a commitment to a day by day schedule. This schedule starts with earliest stages and proceeds (with a few alterations) for the rest of your life.

Dr. Nora Lewi
Chief of Medical Services

Medical Services incorporate a wide scope of inward medication administrations. These administrations center around the avoidance, early discovery and the executives of intense and ongoing illness. Successful revival furthermore, adjustment techniques and practices are fundamental in all degrees of clinical administrations.

Merihter E. Etse
Chief of Administration and Planning

To provide professional and effective administrative services to PSDHSS to ensure the availability of human, financial and material resources necessary to provide an appropriate standard of health care services to the people and residents of Pohnpei and at all times being mindful of the PSDHSS Mission Statement.

Norleen Oliver
Chief of Primary Health Care

Primary health care (PHC) addresses most of an individual’s wellbeing needs all through their lifetime. This incorporates physical, mental and social prosperity and it is individuals focused as opposed to infection focused. PHC is an entire of-society approach that incorporates wellbeing advancement, infection avoidance, treatment, restoration and palliative consideration.

Noriekka Lekka
Social Services

The Office of Social Affairs shall promote the unique and special interests of the youth, women and senior citizens of Pohnpei. Giving special priority to youth interests, the Office shall establish and promote sports and other recreational and competitive activities and establish youth counseling programs. The Office shall act as an advocate of youth, women and senior citizens interests and rights in the development of cross-sectoral plans and programs, so that the needs and interests of these groups are recognizes and addressed.