Wincener J. David
Director of Health and Social Services

Welcome Message

Welcome to our Department of Health & Social Services’ home page of the Pohnpei State Government. We hope it would help to provide general information and help you understand us better.

We define Health in the simplest form and understanding with “Cleanliness” as the holistic definition of Health.

In our endeavor to provide health and well-being to our residents and everyone that come to our care we request cooperation and full participation with the professional health counseling and advise provided. The Department of Health & Social Services value Health and Social well-being to the highest level. We primarily encourage and support individual health care for each person (s) practicing Cleanliness holistically. All of this should be based on preventive primary health care measures/practices of personal hygiene, good nutrition and sanitation.

The Department of Health and Social Services plays an important role in our State in pursuit of health, social and economic development. It is the center of our Health System as it is the Government’s care provider, adviser, enforcer of health policies, mandates and functions. We safeguard the health of all the people of Pohnpei working in partnership with other partner Agencies of both government and private, Communities and in close collaboration with international partners and institutions. 

We hope this DOH& SS home page would help you get to know us better.

We are committed to provide a holistic, integrated system of health care that optimizes quality of life for Pohnpeians, FSM Citizens, residents and visitors through effective health promotion/disease prevention and quality health care services.

We welcome and invite your comments and suggestions on our home page. We are firmly committed to providing improved health care services in all aspects of our health and social services functions.



Wincener J. David