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To provide services in screening, tracking and all the required medical treatment to all Tuberculosis and Hansen’s Disease clients and contacts, and to provide Tuberculosis and Hansen’s Disease health education to the people of Pohnpei State.


• Pulmonary Tuberculosis (PTB)

Pulmonary Tuberculosis is a contagious disease caused by the bacteria mycobacterium tuberculosis. The main source for the infection is a person with TB of the lungs, usually a sputum smear-positive case, who coughs, sneezes or spits infectious droplets of the bacteria in the air.

• Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis ( EPTB)

Extra-pulmonary Tuberculosis is an infection outside the lungs caused by the tuberculosis bacteria. The most commonly affected areas include the lymph nodes, reproductive and urinary tract organs, pleural space, bones and joints, meninges and peritoneum.

• Hansen’s Disease

Hansen’s Disease is an infectious disease characterized by disfiguring skin lesions, peripheral nerve damage and progressive debilitation. It is also known as Leprosy. It has a long incubation period which makes it difficult to determine where and when the disease was contacted. Children are more susceptible than adults to contract the disease. The disease is spread by infectious droplets of bacteria in the air and by close physical contact with untreated persons.


• To identify the population at risk.

• To maintain accurate Registries of all known clients with TB and Hansen’s Disease.

• To accept referrals of clients with suspected TB and Hansen’s Disease for assessment and treatment.

• To track and screen contacts of newly diagnosed TB and Hansen’s Disease clients and commence medical treatment if required.

• To educate, supervise and support community workers who perform Dose Observed Therapy (DOT) duties for both TB and Hansen’s Disease Clients.

• To follow FSM and PSDHS policies, procedures and protocols in the management of the TB/Hansen’s Disease Program.

• To plan and implement community awareness education programs and activities on TB and Hansen’s disease.

• To monitor and evaluate program outcomes in relation to number of clients identified with TB and Hansen’s disease, treatment compliance, contacts tracked and screened, and the impact of community awareness programs and activities.



To ensure the TB/Hansen’s Disease Program is effectively managed to fulfil all the program responsibilities to achieve the set program goals.


• The TB/Hansen’s Disease Program is funded by the Communicable Disease Center (CDC) through the FSM Government.

• The TB/Hansen’s Disease Program is managed nationally by the FSM TB/Leprosy Co-ordinator.

• Funding for the Program includes salaries for the Program personnel (Program Coordinator a graduate nurse, Health assistant, Laboratory Technician, and Data clerk ), fringe benefits, travel, fuel, consumables and office supplies.

• The Pohnpei State TB/Hansen’s Disease Program is managed by a Program Co-ordinator, a Graduate Nurse, who reports to the Chief of Public Health.

• The Program Co-ordinator assess the needs of clients diagnosed with TB and Hansen’s Disease and the preventative measures required in the community to eliminate the incidence of TB and Hansen’s Disease, sets goals, plans strategies, implements actions and evaluates outcomes.

• The Program Co-ordinator is assisted by a Program Nurse, other assigned Public Health staff, and a Laboratory Technician.

• Two Medical Officers are assigned to the program by the Chief of Medical Staff and are responsible for medical treatment and referrals.

• Community Health DOT (Directly Observed Therapy) Workers are trained and supervised by the Program Co-ordinator to visit TB and Hansen’s Disease clients in their homes to give, and supervise, the administration of medications to ensure compliance essential to cure these two diseases.