Pohnpei State Government
Department of Health and Social Services
P.O Box 189 | Kolonia, Pohnpei FSM, 96941|
W (691) 320-2216 Ext. 173



To provide preventative services to pregnant women, post-partum women, infants and children - including children with disabilities 0 – 21 years.


The Maternal & Child Health Services (MCH) are Public Health Programs that provide services to both mother and child.



The Maternal Health Services provide services to women of child bearing age before, during and between pregnancies. These women are adolescents 13 years -17 years and women 18 years – 44 years.


• To promote optimum health and the well being of women of child bearing age.

• To monitor regularly the health of the pregnant client to prevent complications that may endanger both mother and baby.

• To develop responsibility of parenthood through health monitoring, counseling and education to attain:-

- planned pregnancies.
- optimum health during pregnancy.
- confidence and self care.
- family health.

• To detect and treat early signs of disease.



The Child Health Services provide services to children in the following ages:-

- Well Baby/Well Child Program and Dental Program - newborn to 5 years.

- School Health Program and Dental Health Program - 6 years to 12 years.

- Children with Special Health Needs (CSHN) - newborn to 21 years.


• To assist children to achieve their optimum health potential.

• To assess abnormalities and provide immediate treatment for identified deficits.

• To educate and work with parents to assist them to carry out their parenting responsibilities.

• To assist families to utilize all available resources to benefit the health of their children.

• The Maternal & Child Health Programs include:-

- Antenatal Program
- Postnatal Program
- Well Baby/Well Child Program
- Immunization Program
- School Health Program
- Children with Special Health Needs Program



To ensure there are adequate staff available to implement all the required services for women and children to achieve optimum program objectives.


• The Maternal & Child Health (MCH) services are funded by the FSM National Government. There is an FSM MCH Program Co-ordinator to manage the program on a national level.

• In Yap State the MCH Program is managed by an MCH Program Co-ordinator. He/she is responsible and accountable to plan and organize the MCH Program, set program goals, assess strategies and evaluate outcomes.

• The MCH Program Co-ordinator is assisted in managing the MCH Programs by an Immunization Program Co-ordinator and a Children with Special Health Needs (CSHN) Program Co-ordinator. He/she is also assisted by:-

1. Public Health

- MCH Nurse
- Other assigned Public Health nurses/staff
- 2 Medical Officers
- MCH Data Clerk
- MCH Clerk
- MCH Dental Assistant.

2. Community Health Centers

In each of the CHC’s are:-

- 1 Medical officer
- 1 Nurse
- 1 Dental Nurse
- 1 Dental Assistant
- Community Health Workers

3. Outer Islands

- 2 Medical Officers
- Health Assistants
- Birth Attendants (BATS)
- 5 Dental Nurses

• Funding from the FSM National Government includes salaries for 10 MCH Personnel (Program Co-ordinator, MCH Nurse, MCH Data Clerk, MCH Clerk, Dental Assistant and 5 Dental Nurses in the Outer Islands), equipment, supplies and travel.



To ensure the MCH Program Co-ordinator implements all his/her responsibilities to achieve pre-determined goals.


The MCH Program Co-ordinator is responsible for:-

- Client care
- Co-ordination of MCH services with the WCHC’s
- Participation in Outer Island Field Trips
- Administrative Duties
- Evaluation of the Program

1. Client Care

• The MCH Program Co-ordinator is responsible to plan and organize the following Clinics at Public Health:-

- Antenatal
- Postnatal
- Well Baby/Well Child

and the Outreach School Health Program.

• The Co-ordinator works closely with the Chief of Dental Division to co-ordinate the School Health Program and the School Dental Program.

• The Program Co-ordinator is responsible to ensure that all the above MCH Programs provide clients with the required services established in the DHS Policy & Procedure Manuals for each of the individual Programs.

Refer to each of the individual MCH Programs for the Program Coordinator’s detailed responsibilities for that Program.

2. Co-ordination of Services with the CHC’s

• The Program Co-ordinator is responsible to work closely with the CHC staff to:-

- Ensure all “eligible” clients, e.g. those who have missed appointments or require further assessment/treatment, are followed up by the Community Health Workers (CHW’s) attached to the CHC’s.

(Refer to the individual MCH Programs for more detail on this process).

- Provide instruction/education on the policies and procedures of the MCH Programs to CHC staff.

- Plan and provide health promotion/awareness activities concerning MCH Programs in the 5 catchment areas in collaboration with the CHC staff.

3. Participation in Outer Island Field Trips

The Program Co-ordinator is responsible to participate in Outer Island Field Trips to:-

- Assess the needs of the Outer Islands in all aspects of the available MCH Programs.

- Provide support, instruction and education on Program polices and procedures.

- Provide education/promotion/awareness programs for the communities.

4. Administrative Duties

The Program Co-ordinator is responsible for the following administrative duties:-

• To supervise the administrative responsibilities of the MCH Data Clerk and the MCH Clerk to ensure registries for MCH Programs are maintained
• and are accurate for statistical data, reporting data, and to identify clients who require following up for clinic appointments or further assessment.
• To prepare an Annual Report/ Budget for the national MCH Co-ordinator.
• To prepare Quarterly Reports for the State Government to include:-

- Total activity Budget
- Measurable outputs
- Program problems
- Actions for next Quarter

• To prepare all other required Reports in a timely manner.
• To order supplies required through either the FSM National Government or DHS Medical Supply to ensure the following supplies are always available:-

- Baby /adult scales
- Sphygmomanometers
- Doplers
- Stethoscopes
- Otoscopes and speculums
- Hematocrit/hemoglobin machine
- Thermometers and disposable speculums
- Prenatal Vitamins
- Vision Charts
- Counseling Modules/Educational pamphlets
- General office supplies

Vitamin A and Albendazole are supplied by W.H.O.

• To ensure the polices and procedures in all the MCH Program Policy & Procedure Manuals are current and followed.
• To ensure that all forms/records etc required in the Programs are always available and contain all the required information.