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Department of Health Services
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The following are the responsibilities of the School Health Program:

• To work closely with the Department of Education and School Principals to plan and implement the School Health Program.

• To visit all Elementary Schools, government and non-government, annually to screen and perform a physical examination in order to monitor the health of children in all grades.

• To identify any health abnormalities and refer the child for further assessment, treatment and referral, if required.

• To check the immunization status of every child.

• To follow up all children identified with a health deficit requiring further medical assessment, treatment or referral or who require immunization/s.

• To provide de-worming treatment to every child.

• To provide preventative dental treatment to all children.

• To provide education to children, parents and teachers on dental hygiene, nutrition and physical activity to promote a healthy lifestyle.

• To provide reports to the individual School Principals and the Education Department on the health and dental status of the students visited at the respective school(s).



To ensure there are adequate staff to provide efficient and effective health and preventative dental services to the children at Elementary Schools.


• The School Health Program is planned and organized by the MCH Program Coordinator in collaboration with the Chief of Dental Division, Elementary School Principals and the Education Department.

• There are 35 Elementary Schools – public and private – on Pohnpei. Every school is visited once a year and students in Kindergarten, 1st, 4th, 8th grades are visited.

• An Annual School Visiting Schedule is planned before the commencement of the School year by the School Health Program Coordinator and the Chief of Dental Division in collaboration with the Department of Education.

• The Chief of Public Health and the Chief of the Dental Division are responsible to plan School Health Teams at least 2 weeks prior to the school visit to implement the required services efficiently and effectively.

• Public Health Staff required for a School Visit are:-

- 1 Health Assistant who is responsible for performing the physical examination.
- 2 Nurses/other staff who are responsible for screening and recording results.

• The Dental Division schedules 2 staff to provide preventative dental treatment:-

- CHC Dental Nurse who is the Dental Team leader
- 1 of the PSDHSS Dental Clinic staff