Pohnpei State Government
Department of Health Services
P.O Box 189 | Kolonia, Pohnpei FSM, 96941|
W (691) 320-2216

Community Health Center (CHC)


The overall goal of this Organization is the improvement of the quality of all residents of Pohnpei State. To achieve this goal, we recognize that all available resources, public and private, human and financial, local and foreign, must be integrated, consolidated, and efficiently utilized to provide a system of comprehensive health care. The focal point of this system is the delivery of primary, preventive, and curative services in a manner that is sensitive to local customs, cultures and constitutional mandates.

Additionally, we believe that the most effective health care system is one that is responsive to the needs and preferences of the communities which it serves. In light of this belief, the composition of this organization reflects a partnership of the consumers and providers of health care in Pohnpei State, with all members sharing in the decision-making process.




To ensure there is an efficient and effective OPD service available to the community.


• The OPD is open for the community to attend 6 days a week.

• OPD medical staffs are scheduled to work between the hours of 0800 and 1900 hours Monday to Friday and 0800 – 1200 hours Saturday.

• Health Centre is open Monday to Friday 0800 - 1900 hours and Saturday 0800 – 1200 hours.

• NCD clinic is held on Saturday 0800 – 1200 hours.

• MCH clinic is held on Wednesday 0800 – 1600 hours.

• Routine clinics are held Monday to Friday 0800 – 1900 hours.



To ensure a Medical Officer is available at all times to attend to patients visiting OPD.


• The schedule for the medical staff is prepared by the Medical Director.
• The medical staff are divided into 2 teams – an “A Team and a “B” Team.

Monday to Wednesday
A Team : 0800 – 1900
B Team : 0800 – 1700

Thursday to Friday
A Team : 0800 – 1700
B Team : 0800 – 1900

B Team : 0800 – 1200

• The Medical Director and Medex will attend to OPD patients daily from 0800 – 1900 hours Monday to Friday and 0800 – 1200 hours on Saturday.

• Monday through Friday there are clinics commencing at 0800 hours and running until 1630 hours and any one of the medical staff are available to see patients.

• On Saturday afternoon, Sundays and Public Holidays the Health Centre is close and patients are notified to proceed to the Pohnpei State Hospital. In cases of Public Holiday, a Notice to the Public will be posted a day before the said Holiday to inform patients that the Health Centre will be close.